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Schoolchildren visiting the "Mario Fiore" barracks

Today, from 9 am to 12 noon, the "Mario Fiore" barracks in Motta di Livenza, home of the Multinational CIMIC Group, has remained open to schoolchildren in the district's middle schools.

On this occasion, the students of the Comprehensive Institute of Motta di Livenza and of the College "Brandolini Rota" of Oderzo, welcomed by the Commander of the CIMIC Group, Colonnello Luca Vitali, were able to approach the reality of the department, retracing, together with the soldiers present, historical events and activities in the many operations abroad. A hundred young people, welcomed by qualified personnel (who underwent patient willingness to a real crossfire of questions, above all for the enthusiastic curiosity of the students), were thus introduced into the world of CIMIC by visiting the barracks, the stands as well as other rooms intended for daily operations.

The visit then gave space to a static exhibition of vehicles and equipment supplied to the military, with the opportunity to get on board the armored vehicles that are seen daily engaging in missions abroad of the Italian Army.

The mayor of Motta di Livenza, Alessandro Righi, also took part in the visit.

The Multinational CIMIC Group, an Army unit of inter-force and multinational value, counts among the contributing nations, beyond Italy, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Hungary, and today represents a real and a center of excellence for the training of operators working in the delicate sector of civil-military cooperation.


Source: Multinational CIMIC Group


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