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The live phase of MNCG-led joint forces exercise “MACTE ANIMO” has successfully concluded in Val Resia, Italy.


Motta di Livenza, January 11, 2023.

The annual Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) joint exercise "Macte Animo" has successfully concluded. The aim of the exercise was to validate the Tactical CIMIC Teams and operators to be ready for future deployment in Kosovo, Lebanon and the African continent.


“The mission of the CIMIC operators during this exercise was to conduct soldiering skills and CIMIC tasks” said Colonel Ugo Proietto, MNCG Commander. “It's focused on events ranging from small unit tactics to CIMIC-centric responsibilities such as populace resource control, mediation, negotiations, and conducting physical infrastructure assessments”.


MNCG exercise “Macte Animo” was the result of months of individual training and team preparation culminated in a joint exercise carried out in Val Resia where -thanks to the presence of an ethnolinguistic minority of Slavic origin- the CIMIC assets have been tested by the active support of the authorities and the local population in cultural negotiation activities.


The group of a dozen CIMIC operators discussed the information needed, and maximum and minimum capabilities for infrastructures that provide key public services such as water, electricity and viable life support. Hypothetical situations inspired alternate considerations. The diverse collection of professionals debated essential information critical to civilian and military services in any situation. The training culminated with assessments of civilian infrastructures where the Tactical CIMIC Teams specialists met with lead directors of each facility, establishing important relationships within the community and ascertaining information pertaining to regional capabilities.

The exercise was conducted in compliance with international laws and standards.

SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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