ADIN 22 delivered suitable depth to fully train and challenge CIMIC operators

Motta di Livenza, Italy

From the 3rd to the 7th Oct 2022 the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) Adaptive Interaction 2022 (ADIN 22) exercise took place in Motta di Livenza, Italy. The exercise goal was to further enhance MNCG readiness testing and assessing the skills of the Multinational Command staff. Furthermore, it was an opportunity to assess the unit capabilities in preparation for the NATO Response Force (NRF) 2023.
CIMIC specialists, experts, and mentors from different countries (Greece, Italy, The Nederland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary, USA) and international NATO commands members took part at the exercise. “I want to emphasize again how much I’ve appreciated the tremendous effort that the ADIN 22 external participants have put into our CIMIC exercise. ADIN22, which we conducted for the third time, showed MNCG commitment to strengthen CIMIC capabilities, by training and educating our operators and specialists. Moreover, it demonstrated MNCG’s close cooperation with NATO and MNCG Participating Nations representatives” MNCG Commander, Colonel Ugo Proietto, pointed out.
Civil/Military Cooperation (CIMIC) is a joint function comprising a set of capabilities integral to supporting the achievement of mission objectives and enabling NATO commands to participate effectively in a broad spectrum of Civil Military Interaction (CMI) with diverse non-military actors. CMI, on the other hand, is a group of activities, founded on communication, planning and coordination that all NATO military bodies share and conduct with international and local non-military actors, both during NATO operations and in preparation for them, which mutually increases the effectiveness and efficiency of their respective actions in response to the crisis. In today’s ever evolving security environment where conflict is not restricted to the battlefield, CIMIC functions and CMI activities remain key to NATO mission success.
The challenges for CIMIC differ depending on the type of operation, but these challenges still sit within the core functions of CIMIC: Civil Military Liaison, Support the Force and Support Civil Actors and their Environment. For NA5CRO operations, CIMIC maybe more focused on Support to Civil Actors and their Environment, while on Article 5 operations this focus may shift to Support the Force activities. In an Article 5 setting, NATO would be a third responder to any civil issues after the host nation, EU or the OSCE and other state and non-state actors.
The exercise conducted by MNCG were designed to replicate the environment that NATO might encounter when operating in aNATO partner country. The Warsaw Summit gave very clear strategic directions towards greater emphasis on the core NATO task of Collective Defense. These settings are designed to replicate a sovereign NATO partner nation (or nations) as the host nation. This necessitates Training Audiences to understand that CIMIC activities require nation-specific adaptations. The exercises also create friction between NATO and host nation authorities due to the natural tensions between a deployed force and the civil environment. The replication of the host nations can also challenge the assumption that the resilience of democratic NATO member nations is high. ADIN 22 delivered suitable depth to fully train and challenge CIMIC operators.

SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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