Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) operators stepped up their endeavors to provide a substantial contribution to djibutians women and minority rights in the pursuit of tailored projects oriented to increase women’s participations in the labour market

Djibouti, Republic of Djibouti

During the summer the MNCG operators detached to the Italian Military Support Base (BMIS) in Djibouti conducted a wide range of activities to made Women, Peace and Security (WPS) a part of their mission to empower the women in rural areas of the country supporting those local organizations that provide resources to women in need in the Republic of Djibouti.

MNCG operators furthermore focused their efforts providing support, tools and services to promote sewing and crafts manship among the most vulnerable women of the local communities with dedicated projects aimed at guaranteeing an adequate professional training, capable of ensuring women access to jobs and to the manual, technical and craft professions. All these activities were performed by MNCG specialists in close collaboration with some local organization like the “Association for the Development of Female Crafts” in Arta and the “Union for Development and Culture” in Arihiba.

“We hope to make a larger program and continue to help women as well as identify any other needs they may have” said OR-8 Andrea Gasparetto, CIMIC section Chief at BMIS. The activities conducted, carried out by NCOs and Enlisted personnel of the MNCG, a multinational and joint force unit whose national component is subordinate to the Italian Tactical Information Brigade, werefocus in line with NATO CIMIC doctrine on the support of Minorities and Vulnerable Groups.


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