Mission In Djibouti: A Special Day For Disabled Children

It took place today, in the city of Djibouti, in the presence of the Commander of BMIS, C.V. Liborio Francesco Palombella, and the wheelchair delivery ceremony for some disabled students of the Catholic institute Notre Dame de Boulaos.


During a CIMIC activity, aimed at getting to know the teaching methods proposed by the institute for children with different abilities, the CIMIC cell of the Italian Military Base to Support the mission in Djibouti could see that the chairs used were in very bad condition. With a small gesture we tried to support the families of these children who, in addition to motor difficulties, suffer from financial hardships that often prevent them from living a dignified life.


We therefore proceeded to supply new wheelchairs with protection and safety systems useful to make the child's life, as far as possible, more serene. Everything happened on a special day throughout Djibouti because it was celebrated the national day of people with disabilities. The ceremony took place in a hall of the Notre Dame de Boulaos Institute, in the presence of the Prioress Sister, Sister Maria Goretti Nyabenda, of the support teachers and of the children who were able to immediately take advantage of the material provided.


The specialists of the CIMIC cell, coming from the Multinational CIMIC Group, an inter-unit that counts, among the contributing countries, beyond Italy, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Hungary, represents today a real pole of excellence for training, they are operators working in the delicate sector of civil-military cooperation. The project just ended is part of a general development plan aimed at improving the conditions of the Djiboutian schools.


The development of this project also allowed to establish and maintain an effective connection not only with local authorities, in particular with representatives of the Catholic community of Djibouti, but also with those sections of the population that for various reasons are considered vulnerable.


Sr. Maria Goretti Nyabenda, wanted to thank the Italian Armed Forces for this great little gesture that strengthens the relations between the two communities, underlining the importance of helping those in need. This support is, moreover, in line with government policies aimed at encouraging literacy through a program that aims at capillary attendance at compulsory schools for children with different abilities.


The commander of the BMIS, for his part, highlighted the importance of the support that the Italian Armed Forces constantly give to government initiatives and to those consolidated entities such as the Notre Dame de Boulaos institute, which among many difficulties carries out a commendable work of literacy of children from different realities.


The Italian Military Support Base (BMIS) in Djibouti, with an inter-force connotation, has about 90 Italian soldiers that make up the permanent core of the Mission. The Base provides logistical support to national Contingents operating in the Horn of Africa area and in the Indian Ocean.


Source: Italian Defence General Staff


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