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MNCG specialists donated school supplies

Djibouti, May 2022.
In recent weeks, Multinational CIMIC Group specialists have delivered school supplies to the only primary school located in Nagad.
The donation is part of a cycle of projects in the field of civil-military cooperation, in which the Italian contingent is particularly engaged. The project, included into the annual plan to support the civil environment, is related to the sector of Minorities / Vulnerable Groups and its objective was to give an impulse to the improvement of life conditions of the youngest people who live in the suburbs of the capital.
The school, located in an isolated area within the Djibouti outskirts, hosts about 200 children from the local community. Due to the difficult economic situation, despite the efforts put in place by the teachers, children do not have materials to be able to follow the lessons.
The situation is unfortunately also aggravated by geographical isolation of the community that lives in an area without services, except for the school, and where there are no commercial activities.
The CIMIC contribution is a tangible act of closeness to local population performed by the Motta di Livenza’s operators.
The school director thanked the contingent for the attention and sensitivity always shown, underlying the improvement of the life conditions of the neediest, hoping that this important and consolidated collaboration could continue in the future.

SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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