CIMIC Participates In a Youth Support Program

The Civil Military Cooperation cell (CIMIC) under BMIS, organizes donations of personal computers to set up a computer room in the municipality of Balbala, as part of the mission in Djibouti


Today, in the presence of the Commander of BMIS, Captain of Vascello Liborio F. Palombella, a personal computer ceremony took place for the Municipality of Balbala, one of the five municipalities of the capital Djibouti.


This donation is part of an ambitious project carried out by the president of the Municipality, Elieh Waberi Nour, who intends to launch a series of courses to support young people about to enter the world of work. This program includes various activities such as tailoring courses, for mechanics, for electricians and among others also courses for computer science. In support of this praiseworthy initiative, the Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) cell under the power of BMIS, proceeded to purchase and donate 9 PCs and a television to set up a computer room.


In this way the first classes will be launched dedicated to young people who are looking for an occupation. The municipality of Balbala is the most populous of the capital, its peripheral position compared to the city center also makes it one of the most delicate areas in terms of security. The economic difficulties in this area are amplified by the lack of work and consequently a high unemployment rate.


In this certainly not idyllic framework, the president's initiative to create the conditions for job opportunities was appreciated by the Commander of BMIS, who stressed the importance of relations between the Italian base and the municipality, which has roots since first years in which the Italian military arrived in Djibouti.


For his part, the president of the municipality thanked Italy, the Italians and the Italian Armed Forces for all the efforts made to date to help the people of Balbala. These words were followed by demonstrations of affection on the part of the inhabitants of the municipality that have even more highlighted the respect for our soldiers on a mission to Djibouti. In this context, the active support, by BMIS, to the educational programs launched by the municipality will continue to be one of the cornerstones for future CIMIC activities.


BMIS is a logistical support base for Italian military operations taking place in the Horn of Africa and in the Arabian peninsula. It consists of about 90 soldiers belonging to the various Armed Forces, including the CIMIC cell, composed of elements coming from the Multinational CIMIC Group, multinational and inter-force unit, national excellence for the training of CIMIC operators.


Source: Italian Defence General Staff



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