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MNCG operators collaborate for craftsmanship development

Djbouti, Maj 2022.
In recent days, Multinational CIMIC Group specialists held a meeting with the President of Union for Development and Culture (UDC) of Arihiba, Mr. Mohamed Kaireh Yousouf, and a NGO LIA International / Djibouti representative, in order to plan a project which foreseen a sewing and craft equipment supplies.
The NGO LIA, already a partnership of the UDC, provides training courses for those who want to undertake art of sewing to become craftsmen in manufacturing sector; with this assumption, the NGO planned a basic sewing course using manual sewing machines, with the aim of giving the basic skills to carry out tailoring jobs such as bags and glove boxes in fabric.
The pandemic has significantly changed the economic and social situation of country, rising up the unemployment up to 40% of population. So far lots of men are out from the work circuit, putting women in the position of being the only ones to economically support the family.
In this context, MNCG operators continue to put a strong effort, purchasing course material, contributing and collaborating with local authorities and NGOs present in the area, in order to support initiative from which the population will be able to gain benefit.

SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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