Mission In Afghanistan: Educational Material for an Orphanage

The Train Advise Assist Command West donates educational material to Herat's Orphanage as part of CIMIC activities

Two days ago, at Camp Arena, the Italian soldiers of the Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC W), based on the "Friuli" Air Brigade, donated books and school supplies to the children of the Herat Orphanage, a structure dependent on the Department of Work and the Social Affairs of the City.

The donation stems from an initiative of the Italian staff of TAAC W, who spontaneously collected the necessary funds to buy the teaching material, while the entire activity was organized by the Italian Civil and Military Cooperation, which coordinated the purchase of the goods and the subsequent delivery.


The ceremony was presided by the Commander of the TAAC W and was attended by the Head of Department of Labor and Social Affairs, Abdul Qaioum Afghan and a representative of children from the Institute. The director, Zainab Barakzai, took the opportunity to express a sincere and heartfelt thanks to all the Italian Military Contingent, for the availability shown towards the orphanage and to underline the importance that every single donation can have for young residents in the structure.


The precious contribution testifies not only the spontaneity of the Italian military to the needs of the less fortunate Afghan population, but also the importance that the TAAC W gives to the cultural growth of the young generations of Afghanistan.


The projects of this type, realized by the TAAC W in collaboration with the specialists of the Multinational Cimic Group of Motta di Livenza, are flanked by the main activity of training and assistance of the Afghan Security Forces, primary focus of the Resolute Support mission.


Source: Italian Defence General Staff


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