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A conference about civil-military cooperation in favor of 28 students of UNITS

Motta di Livenza, December 15th, 2021.
On December 15th the CIMIC Awareness Conference took place at the Mario Fiore barracks in Motta di Livenza in favor of 28 students of the University of Trieste, graduating in Diplomacy and International Cooperation Studies.
The Multinational CIMIC Group and the University of Trieste are closely linked, in professional and educational terms, by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signed in 2017. The MoU, in fact, establishes collaboration and mutual support in research, development and teaching activities on civil-military cooperation. In particular, the Memorandum of Understanding has set the conditions for an ever closer osmotic confrontation between experts and trainers, guaranteed by the constant and genuine sharing of the expertise acquired in their respective sectors. The CIMIC Awareness Conference was divided into two modules: the first gave the basic notions of the CIMIC operational function in the scenarios of Collective Defense and Crisis Response Operations, as well as the rudiments of effective communication in civil-military cooperation activities. The second module, on the other hand, was focused on practical activities based on role-playing games in which the students had to put into practice the concepts explained during the first module.
During 2021, about 300 students passed through the benches of the Mario Fiore Barracks to enjoy the training offer made available by the only certifying unit in Italy for the CIMIC operational function.

SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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