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Quick Impact Project (QIP) in favor of the pneumological hospital in Djibouti

Djibuti, November, 2021.
In recent weeks, the donation ceremony of medical devices and specific equipment for diseases of the respiratory system was held in favor of the "Dr Chakib Saad Omar" pneumological hospital in Djibouti, as part of the CIMIC projects for the Horn of Africa area. The event was attended by the Director of the hospital, Dr. Houssein Mohamed Houssein, together with the Medical Director and the Nursing Manager, as well as the staff of the CIMIC Cell of the Italian military contingent. The project, planned as part of the activities in support of the "civil environment", made it possible to supply important health equipment, essential for the evaluation of lung function and the subsequent treatment of pneumo-respiratory diseases: spirometry tests, turbines disposable, oxygen concentrators, portable oxygenators, oxygen regulators and humidifiers with flow generator. Doctor Houssein Mohamed Houssein thanked the support once again generously given by the Italian Contingent, of fundamental help in pursuing the improvement of the mission of the hospital, namely the prevention and treatment of respiratory system diseases; this "testifies the profitable collaboration between the Ministry of Health and the Italian military".

SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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