MNCG operators, deployed in Mogadiscio, developed a project in coordination with the Italian Embassy in support of media and education sector

Somalia, October, 2021.
"For the first time in 30 years, Radio Mogadishu will broadcast in Italian". This was announced by the Somali Minister of Information and Culture, Osman Dubbe, publishing on Twitter the images of the signing of an agreement with the Italian ambassador in Somalia, Alberto Vecchi, for the resumption of broadcasts in Italian on the frequencies of the radio built by Italy in 1951. The Multinational CIMIC Group CIMIC operators intervened to favor the project and to actively contribute to the realization of the quick impact project (QIP). The activity, in fact, first of all envisages the modernization of the structures of a studio, the technical training for the students of the faculty of journalism and for the operators who will broadcast on the radio and then the start of radio programs, which will begin next January. The programs in Italian will range from music to culture, from cooking to common history, with the recovery of a past that is being forgotten, even from a linguistic point of view, which has the sole purpose of creating culture. The initiative, in addition, is part of a larger project that includes the resumption of Italian courses at the Somali National University, and the awarding of scholarships to local students to study at the universities.


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