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The civil-military liaison activities of the CIMIC operators located in Djibouti continue

Djibuti, June, 2021.
In recent weeks, the CIMIC team, as part of the Italian Military Support Base, met Mrs. Amina Houssein, the organization's Program Coordinator, at the Red Crescent headquarters in Djibouti. The meeting is part of the civil-military liaison activities that the operators of the Mario Fiore Barracks conduct in the operational theaters in which they are deployed to contribute to the development of the core functions of civil-military cooperation, including support for non-military actors and to their environment.
Red Crescent is a very active organization in the area thanks to its widespread distribution in the country. Born on 1st August 1977, it was officially recognized by the ICRC and IFRC on 15th and 18th October 1986 respectively. The association's intervention capacities are varied and range from disaster management to first aid, from essential services to projects related to support needy families.
The meeting was useful in order to identify possible cooperation spheres and Mrs. Amina Houssei invited CIMIC operators to develop future sustainable and development projects, particularly in the emergency management sector.

SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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