Staff from Multinational CIMIC Group took part in a day of history and traditions



Udine (UD), July 11, 2019.

"A generation that ignores history has neither past nor future" . The Regimental Sergeant Major of the Multinational CIMIC Group, OR9 Fabio PERONI,thanked with these words the Third Regiment Engineer Corps’ Director of the Museum in Udine, OR9 Vincenzo MENNUTI, at the end of an intense and emotional day. Fully espousing the guidelines of the Army Chief of Staff, Army Corps General Salvatore Farina, for which "... pride of being part of the family of their regiment and more generally of the Armed Forces must be cultivated daily by all the personnel to the units and poured to the youngest..", the  MNCGplanned a series of educational activities in order to support and increase the feeling of belonging and solidarity that is based on the ethical and historical traditions of the Armed Forces.

One of these activities took place on 11 July at the Museum of the Third Regiment Engineer Corps in Udine during which the soldiers of the MNCG, in addition to admiring the historical uniforms and memorabilia of the Second World War, were able to listen to the engineers’deeds whom participated in the Africa Campaigns, narrated by theDirector of the museum, and admire the courage of their actions and the pride of being soldiers.

The day spent at the Museum achieved the goal of enthusing and enthralling young soldiers to the traditions and towardsoldiers who anticipated them in serving Italy in arms.

A series of other educational meetings and cultural visits have been planned in the upcoming months with the aim of supporting the pride of wearing a uniform and increasing the passion for the immense heritage of traditions and professionalism of the entire Army Italian.


Source: Multinational CIMIC Group


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