Italian Minister of Defense in Djibouti

Djbouti (DJ), July 30, 2019.

Today, the Italian Minister of Defense, ElisabettaTrenta, paid a visit to the military contingent located in Djibuti at the Italian Military Base of Support (BMIS) to uphold the soldiers in their daily operation in the Horn of Africa and the Indian Ocean. In particular, the Minister wanted to focus on the fundamental role played by the experienced operators of the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) employed in Djibouti since 2015.

The Multinational CIMIC Group contributes with specialized personnel working in Djibouti, within the framework of the Italian Military Support Base. The Commander of BMIS manages CIMIC funds for bilateral intervention actions to support the Djiboutian population. The CIMIC cell is responsible for the planning and conduct of the national activities of Civil-Military Cooperation. The cell carries out liaison activities, maintaining an effective liaison structure with local authorities, International Organizations, Non-governmental Organizations andGovernmental Organizations present on the Djiboutian territory. It also facilitates the exchange of information between civil agencies and facilitates dialogue and relations among local government representatives, civil agencies and local leaders.


Source: Multinational CIMIC Group



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