Visita capo di sme rapporto con il reggimento 3

Italian Army Chief of Staff at the CIMIC Regiment

Army Corps General, Salvatore Farina, today in Motta di Livenza for a visit to the Multinational CIMIC Group


The Italian Army Chief of Staff, General Salvatore Farina, visited the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG), and he took this opportunity to meet all the civil and military personnel, both Italian and foreign coming from MNCG "contributing nations", namely Greece, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary and Portugal.
General Farina had a short tour of the barracks, afterwards, during the general assembly,  underlined the importance of the five challenges that characterize the Army, with particular reference to training and preparation which are unavoidable activities because they allow to pursue the necessary level of "operational readiness". An output that is reflected in the men of the Multinational CIMIC Group located in seven different operating theaters, in homeland security operations and in the NRF (NATO Response Force) cycles, the NATO rapid response force that can be used anywhere in the world and used for a wide range of operations: from conventional warfare to crisis response operations.

General Farina has expressed full satisfaction for the professionalism and competence demonstrated through the peculiar activities carried out daily by the staff of the Multinational CIMIC Group, urging everyone to continue with enthusiasm and collaboration in order to continue achieving excellent results not only in Italy but also within NATO. In fact, General Farina, recalling the three core tasks of the Atlantic Alliance, namely, collective defense, crisis management and cooperative security, highlighted the strategic characteristics that the unit, as a NATO affirmed force, should continue to satisfy: being credible, networked, aware, resilient and agile, including the ability to integrate in a structured and standardized way with non-military components for Non-Combat operations and to support local populations, reiterating, with the mention of the latter, one of the three main functions of the Civil-Military Cooperation.


Source: Multinational CIMIC Group


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