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MNCG COM hosts CIMIC Unit Commanders’ Conference (CUCC)

Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) Commander Colonel Luca Vitali hosted the 12th CIMIC Unit Commander’s Conference in Vittorio Veneto this month.


Vittorio Veneto (TV), September 25, 2019.The 12thInternational Forum of the Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Unit Commanders took place in Vittorio Veneto and offered an opportunity to convene and share civil-military cooperation experiences among Atlantic Alliance and civil organizations. The Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) organized the event aiming at strengthening personal and professional ties among the NATO andPfP (Partnership for Peace) participants and the non-military partners.The occurrencebrought together about 200 participants from 22 different countries.

This year the topic of the conference was the ‘‘Emerging Opportunities: CIMIC role and responsibilities with regards to Resilience in support of NATO Operations’’, namely the purpose was to give the civilian and military audience the opportunity to interact, have open discussions on a very actual, complex and important topic within the Atlantic Alliance and thus a better understanding of the impact on NATO CIMIC/CMI (Civil-Military Interactions) and MNCG mission and role.

During the Conference, the French Brigadier General, Bernard Lebrun, Head of the CIMIC Division of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, highlighted how cooperation and coordination between the civil and military components is a relevant topic.Multinational CIMIC Group Commander, Colonel Luca Vitali, during his speeches, highlighted how the “Resilience is a national responsibility and each member country needs to be sufficiently robust and adaptable to support the entire spectrum of crises envisaged by the Alliance”.

The event was attended by personalities and prominent characters coming fromNATO Commands, the European Commission, the European Centre of Excellence for countering Hybrid threats, the Norwegian Joint HQ, International Organizations (IO), Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations (GO / NGO) andfrom the world of Universities, among them representatives of United Nations, Red Cross, OSCE and FRONTEX.


Source: Multinational CIMIC Group


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