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Multinatinal CIMIC Group Operators have developed projects with immediate impact for the Lebanese population

The Multinational CIMIC Group Operators, as part of the Sector West CIMIC cell, following liaison and assessment activities have identified critical issues in the economic sector in southern Lebanon, in particular in the municipality of Tibnin. 
In recent weeks, these CIMIC activities have led to the creation of a QIP (quick impact project) for the benefit of the population: the project consists of a water storage system for the water supply of the Safad Al Battikh oil mill.
The project, which will allow the optimal operation of the municipal oil mill plant, was carried out for the benefit of Lebanese farmers in all the neighboring villages, for whom the lack of such a plant would have meant an increase in expenses difficult to support also due to the heavy economic crisis, aggravated by the Covid-19 emergency.
The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Commander of the Italian Contingent of Unifil, General Andrea Di Stasio, and the Mayor of Safad Al Battikh, Ali Souhad Zeinalddine.
The first citizen thanked CIMIC operators for the timeliness of the intervention and for the attention paid to a project that aims to enhance the quality of the product and increase its production at local level.
The activity of civil-military cooperation, in synergy with the action carried out by the United Nations, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Ministry of Defence, has allowed since 2006, the year of the start of the UNIFIL mission, the realization of projects with "immediate impact", with interventions on the environment, civil administration and essential civil infrastructures, aimed at the improvement and continuous development of southern Lebanon society.


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