CIMIC: Cedrus Project

Motta di Livenza (TV), 30 September 2019. Professor Giuliano Bergamaschi, a world-renowned educationalist who deals with educational-motivational practices in sports, business and military, was a guest of the Multinational CIMIC Group of Motta di Livenza, a specialized body in the Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC), commanded by Col. Luca Vitali. The lecturer, accompanied by the General of the Army Corps Giuseppenicola Tota, Commander of the Terrestrial Support Operative Forces, was able to present a project, addressed to managers, teachers and staff of the schools of South Lebanon, which has the purpose to make Lebanese teachers acquire new expertise to make them able to follow children in kindergartens, elementary and middle schools, with difficulties in learning basic skills (such as reading, writing and counting), foundations of subsequent cognitive, affective and social. The visit also had the objective of verifying the possibility of extending this project in the various foreign countries where the Multinational CIMIC Group is located with its teams, in order to implement the positive results of this initiative also in other Operational Theaters.



Source: Multinational CIMIC Group


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