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MNCG implemented language skills amongst its operators

Motta di Livenza, November 27, 2020.

From 19 October to 27 November 2020 the English course held at the Hall of Nations of the Mario Fiore Barracks took place. The course aimed to increase the language skills of CIMIC operators who often find themselves operating in multinational contexts, where the skills of civil-military cooperation specialists must necessarily be supported by language skills.

The course, conducted with the support of the Ergon Academy and the Italian Army's School of Foreign Languages, qualified 10 students, including NCOs and volunteers in permanent service.

Since its fundation, the MNCG has always aimed at the polyglotism of its operators as an added and fundamental value so that they can operate effectively and dynamically in the operational scenarios in which the Armed Forces are employed.

In fact, among CIMIC specialists there are peculiar skills in Arabic, French, Russian, Greek, Serbian and Albanian that allow the unit to have a pool of skills and competences adaptable to international commitments in which operators are called to intervene.

The course took place in compliance with ministerial requirements regarding the containment of COVID-19 contagion.


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