In recent weeks, the CIMIC cell, operating throughout the Italian military support base (BMIS), has met with the Commander of the Djibouti State Fire Brigade, Col. Mahamoud Moussa Mahamoud, at the Fire Station located in the same capital.
The purpose of the meeting was to agree on guidelines in case BMIS was hit by serious fire and to identify fields of mutual intervention. The Commander of the Fire Brigades, as well as National Director of Civil Protection, said he was satisfied in collaborating with the Italian contingent. 
One of the core functions of the CIMIC operational function is the liaison, that is, the connection that the operators of the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) put in place with the non-military actors present in a given operational scenario. This liaison activity is essential to involve the non-military actors themselves in the processes of planning, organizing and developing socio-economic or infrastructural projects for the benefit of the local population.


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