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In recent weeks, the Commander of the Italian Military Support Base (BMIS), Colonel Michele Chiedi and the staff of the CIMIC cell held a meeting with the President of the National Assembly, Mr. Mohamed Ali Houmed. The purpose of the meeting was to define the evolution of the project concerning the installation of solar panels with the aim of energizing a hydraulic pump for a well. For the realization of this project will be used 24 panels together with a generator group used as a buffer for a pump that is already stored together with the panels, all directed by technicians identified by the Presidency of the Republic.
The project, coordinated by the operators of the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG), will thus be carried out in collaboration between BMIS and local authorities, increasing the quality of life in the area where the work will be carried out. 
New guidelines have been defined for the finalization of the project and for which MNCG operators have already started contact with the parties involved in order to arrive effectively and quickly to an optimal solution.
President Ali Houmed expressed his gratitude for the cooperation and understanding reached and thanked the delegation for their closeness and interest in the population and civil administration.


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