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In recent weeks, the KFOR Regional Command West (RC-W) CIMIC Cell, based in Pec/Peje and made up of Multinational CIMIC Group operators, met with the Kosovar Minister of Education, Mr. Rame LAKAJ. During the meeting, the Minister outlined the measures that the department will implement to mitigate the risk associated with the spread of the virus.
The MNCG operators expressed their closeness to the country's institutions and the willingness to contribute to the improvement of Kosovo's education. In a short period of time the lessons will take place again and the Minister expressed his intention to focus on e-learning teaching that will be carried out through aid from foreign financiers.
The support provided over the years by MNCG operators in Kosovo has been profound and ongoing. Liaison with local institutions is a paramount importance especially for the implementation of the Quick Impact Projects, which are projects that have an immediate beneficial impact on society and the civil environment. To date, thousands of QIPs have been realized in the Balkans by MNCG operators.


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