Motta di Livenza, 2020 July 24th.

The different Operational Theatres where Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) operators are deployed, present increasingly complex and heterogeneous scenarios, which involve the need for trained and specialized personnel as possible. There is a need, therefore, to have, for example, military personnel who know the Lebanese cultural sites and at the same time the Somalia's economic and political structure, which has in its professional baggage the historical processes that led to the birth of Kosovo and the intercultural diversities of Djibouti.

For this purpose, the coadjutors’ course is conducted annually, this year divided into 3 weeks, in accordance with the restrictions provided for containment from COVID-19.

Following a selection process, MNCG soldiers are trained to support the figure of the CIMIC operators in order to contribute decisively to the achievement of the assigned tasks, through the development of the main functions of civil-military cooperation and the understanding of the complex and articulated dynamics of the operational scenarios in which the Multinational CIMIC Group is employed. 

The military personnel, after an initial phase of theoretical lessons on effective communication, CIMIC doctrine and planning in peace support operations or in higher intensity scenarios, was called upon to apply the technical-tactical procedures learned through role-playing games, patrols aimed at assessing the operating environment and tactical actions in support of CIMIC activities. The practical phase took place at the training areas of the Pusteria Valley with the support of the 6° mountain troop (Alpini) regiment and of the 4° Army Aviation regiment (AVES Altair).

The course was born on the basis of the lessons learned achieved in different Operating Theatres in which the Multinational CIMIC Group operators were called to operate and, over the years, the MNCG has proceeded to identify a training process that aims to increase the technical-professional preparation of the students, with the aim of creating highly qualified and professional figures in the civil-military cooperation panorama. 

The course ended with the award ceremony held by the MNCG Commander, OF5 Luca Vitali, who underlined the importance to be always ready in order to be deployed everywhere in every time.


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