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Pec/Peje, Kosovo.
The KFOR Regional Command West (RC-W) CIMIC Cell, based in Pec/Peje, has concluded in recent weeks a series of delivery activities of medical equipment and protective devices for the Kosovo Police and the major health facilities in the Italian Contingent area of responsibility. The provision of protective material will ensure not only the containment of the risk of COVID-19 infection, but also the increased operational capabilities of emergency services of local authorities and institutions. The facilities that benefited from these donations were the Kosovo Red Cross, the Kosovo Police of Decane/Decan, the Malisevo/Malisheve Family Medicine Centre and the Prizren and Djacovica/Gjacove hospitals.
The deep knowledge of the situation and the structure of the emergency services of the RC-W fifteen municipalities, has allowed the operators of the Multinational CIMIC Group to identify the most critical issues and guide the intervention of KFOR in support of the Kosovar institutions.


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