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COVID-19: MNCG Operators to contain the emergency

Shama (Lebanon), 24th March 2020

Sector West in Lebanon. CIMIC in support of local population facing the Coronavirus outbreak.

Sector West CIMIC Cell donated a prefabricated room to Bint Jbeil PublicHospital in order to use it for receiving and checking suspected cases of Coronavirus. 

Hospital head, Dr. Tawfiq Faraj, thanked the UNIFIL Unit for its “generous gesture,” appreciating the idea to support the hospital and the people living in that area. The doctor added that  “Bint Jbeil Hospital has become ready to receive suspected cases of Coronavirus after the donation” noting that “the patient would arrive into this room without entering the hospital’s emergency room, and will be examined by specialist in there.” A delegate of the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health and Multinational CIMIC Group operators visited the hospital, inspected its readiness and completed preparations in implementation of the Lebanese Ministry of Health's plan to limit the spread of the Coronavirus.


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