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The Defence Committee delegation from the House of Deputies visited the CIMIC cell at the Amedeo Guillet' Military Base in Djibouti.

Djibouti, February 10, 2020

On 10 February 2020 the visit of the Italian Defense Committee took place at the Italian Military Support Base (BMIS) "Amedeo Gulliet" based in Djibouti. 

The delegation was led by President Gianluca Rizzo and also composed of the honorable members Renzo Tondo, Matteo Perego Di Cremnago, Giovanni Luca Aresta, Alberto Pagani, Roberto Paolo Ferrari and Nicola Carè.

The visit allowed the parliamentarians to learn about the activities of the base and of the CIMIC Cell (civil-military cooperation) that operates in this small state located at a strategic crossroads for the maritime communication lines that from the Mediterranean are directed, through the Suez Canal, to the Persian Gulf, South East Asia, South Africa and vice versa. 

The parliamentarians had the possibilities to know the projects and the activities carried on by CIMIC operators.

The cell is composed by militaries from the Multinational CIMIC  Group, a joint and multinational unit, located in Motta di Livenza, national excellence for the training of CIMIC operators.

The cell also carries out liaison activities, maintaining an effective liaison structure with the Local Authorities and the main civil agencies (International Organizations, Non-governmental Organizations and  Governmental Organizations) present on the Djiboutian territory. Moreover the cell facilitates the exchange of information by facilitating dialogue and relations between local government representatives, civil agencies and local leaders.


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