Motta di Livenza (TV), 2020, January 24.

From 13 th to 24 th January 2020 a tactical planning course has been conducted by CJ35 Instructor sin favor of CIMIC Operators. In particular the course was based on an ad hoc educational architecture which allows Officers and Warrant Officers from MNCG HQ and CIMIC Battalion to meet the annual support required by NRDC-ITA HQ, Friuli Division and Aqui Division HQs in giving CIMIC contribution to the planning and conducting phases of NATO Exercises.
Lectures and practical parts were built on the experiences of MNCG Soldiers and the best practices coming from the Operations and former Exercises.
The course gave the opportunity to increase CIMIC Operators knowledges and practical skills through Tactical planning Teams (TPTs) work as well as better experience the CIMIC Subject Matter Expert (SME) job at tactical/operational level from a staff perspective. The subjects covered moved from the NATO CIMIC Policy and Doctrine to the Cross Cutting Topics, from the Information Management to the Decision Making Process (DMP).


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