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CIMIC activities never stop in Lebanon

Shama (Lebanon), 08 gennaio 2020.

The CIMIC projects carried out by the Italian Contingent in Lebanon continue at a rapid pace, in the wake of the results previously achieved. The numerous activities, carried out thanks to the valuable support of the specialists of the CIMIC branch, under the UNIFIL Contingent, and coming from the Multinational CIMIC Group of Motta di Livenza (Italy) represent an important objective also in 2020.

For instance, in the municipality of RUMAYSH, a town about 30 kilometers from Shama, the inaugural ceremony of the project to supply and build a photovoltaic system for the management of water took place few weeks ago. This work aims to ensure the constant use of drinking water to all homes in the municipality.

A few days later in the town of ALMA AS SHA'B, the supply of a 300Kw generator was inaugurated in order to ensure continuity of energy flow. The project was carried out thanks to a careful monitoring activity carried out by the Tactical Cimic Team (TCT), a unit employed by the CIMIC branch of the Joint Task Force Lebanon (JTF-L) Sector West, which also deals with liaison and assessment tasks. In addition, in the municipality of BINT JUBAYL, the donation of medical equipment to treat 35 patients on dialysis took place at the local hospital in December 2019. The activities in the health field are so far the most important among those conducted by civil and military cooperation.


Source: Multinational CIMIC Group


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