Mogadishu: military personnel of the Italian National Support Element inaugurate a well, built in the hospital of the Somali capital

Mogadishu - December 24, 2017

The CIMIC Branch (Civil and Military Cooperation) and the Commander of the Italian National Support Element (IT NSE), which is an Italian Supporting Command to the European EUTM Mission in Somalia, inaugurated a well which was recently built inside “Forlanini” hospital, thanks to Italian funds.

“Forlanini” hospital was built in Mogadishu by the Italian Government around 1928 to tackle infective diseases and has suffered significant damage from the recent conflicts. It is now undergoing reconstruction, thanks to the contribution of donors, including the Italian Contingent.

This visit to the hospital was an important commitment for the Italian military, to give a tangible sign of their sympathy to the most vulnerable part of the population, at this time of Christmas.

Also, during the visit, a meeting took place with the hospital’s staff. During the meeting, all parts shared the idea that these activities, along with the daily interaction between medical personnel of the Italian Contingent and the local medics, are providing effective support to the Somali Health Service and to the most vulnerable part of the Somali population.

Support to the population is accomplished through military operators from the Multinational CIMIC Group, a Combined Joint Unit of the Italian Army, specifically designed for civil-military cooperation (CIMIC).

Source:  Italian Defence General Staff Website


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