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The Director General of the Directorate for Defence Affairs visiting the civil-military cooperation specialists

Motta di Livenza, 20 December 2023.

The Director General of the Directorate for Defence Affairs of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Boštjan PAVLIN, visited the "Mario Fiore" Barracks in Motta di Livenza, the headquarters of the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG), the only entity in Italy specialised in civil-military cooperation.
The Commander of the Multinational CIMIC Group, Colonel Ugo Proietto, illustrated to Mr. Boštjan PAVLIN, how the operational CIMIC function plays a primary role in understanding the civilian dimension, which is paramount, and allows us to operate with professionalism, respect and awareness to our mission and to support the achievement of all objectives related to the mission. It was also an opportunity to present the MNCG national and international commitments and the wide range of training offered to nations and NATO entities.
The visit ended with the ritual signing of the honour book and the exchange of best wishes for the coming holidays.

SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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