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No cost project in favor of the “Centre d’Action Sociale et l’Autonomisation des Femmes (CASAF)”

Djibuti, November, 2021.
In recent weeks, the staff of the CIMIC cell of the Italian Military Support Base (BMIS) in Djibouti, coordinated the executive phase of the basic life support course, in favor of CASAF personnel, in coordination with the Director of the Health Service of the BMIS and with a US Civil Affairs team. The “Centre d’Action Sociale et l’Autonomisation des Femmes” , born in 2007, aims to professionally train girls and women who have dropped out of school early or who have not had the opportunity to attend it. The course took place in two distinct phases. On the first day, the US Civil Affairs explained, to about thirty young people from the municipality of Balbalà, the various phases of first aid intervention, both theoretically and practically, using mannequins and other useful supports to teach cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, while the intervention by the Director of the Health Service of the BMIS was useful to point out the importance of the rescue chain. During the second day, on the other hand, the topics on basic life support were discussed in depth with ad hoc lessons aimed at girls specializing in nursing.
A project that not only intensifies the relations between the contingent and the local population but demonstrates, once again, the excellent relations between Multinational CIMIC Group and US Civil Affairs.

SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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