MNCG specialist, as part of the UNIFIL mission, coordinate some projects in favour of young generations

Lebanon, August, 2021.
As part of the Blue Bricks for Hope campaign, conceived and created by the Italian UNIFIL Sector West Blue Helmets, several Quick Impact Projects (QIPs) were completed. Some of these focused on donating sportswear to small Lebanese football clubs located in the Italian area of responsibility in southern Lebanon.
The projects, coordinated by the Sector West Command CIMIC cell, composed of operators from the Multinational CIMIC Group, were made possible thanks to an intense civil-military liaison between the CIMIC operators and some important Italian Serie A clubs. These donations represented, for the boys and girls of the local villages, a small step of hope for a better future.
In each of the villages concerned, expressions of thanks were in fact unanimous for the Italian soldiers who, alongside the constant commitment to the security of the area, continue the activities in support of the population also through projects aimed at younger groups.
Also in this case, sport, combined with the CIMIC operators activity, represented an essential element for the closeness and hope of the peoples.

SOYRCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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