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Mogadishu, 2020 January, 18 th .

A new project in support of Somali population

The CIMIC cell of IT-NSE, deployed in Somalia and composed of Multinational CIMIC Group Operators, organized the training course for 10 Somali Custodial Corp Guards on duty at the central prison in Mogadishu, aimed at acquiring the ability to build hives for honey.
The project, which is innovative for is typology, aims to create professional figures in specific work sectors with the highest demand on the market. In fact, beekeeping sector is increasingly developing throughout Somalia.
This project aims to train prisoners which, once released, will be able to find more easily job opportunities. The project will also have a non-secondary impact, namely to equip the prison administration with a form of self-funding through the sale of some of the materials produced and to allow the prison administration to self-financing their own initiatives.
The course, which started on 18 January and will end on 30 January, foresees the participation of UNIDO and CEFA. Specifically, UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) is responsible for the entire logistics and support part. CEFA (European Committee for Training and Agriculture) will instead take care of the training part. IT-NSE's CIMIC cell was responsible to coordinate the two organizations and, in addiction, provided all the materials and equipment for the construction of the hives, which will be donated to the Prison at the end of the course.


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